How are those NY’s Resolutions coming along?

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So, um, I haven’t posted anything in over a month. I’ve made several New Year’s resolutions (writing more, working out more, etc) and it’s the only one I haven’t been following through on. I’m thinking if I put it out there in the webiverse, it will hold me more accountable. So here goes.

“Ahem, ahem (clears throat) I, Alisha Sevigny, do solemnly swear to post on my blog once a week. On Tuesdays. And if I’m feeling especially motivated, twice a week. Perhaps a second on Sundays? For now though, we’ll start with once a week.”


Now, it’s Wednesday today but in show of good faith I’ll write a quick catch-up of some of the things I’ve been working on.

My guest blog I Kissed a Frog and I liked It (The Appeal of the Bad Boy) appeared today on Dragon Blog: Sassy Sisters on Fire. It was so much fun to write and a special thanks to Jen and Mel for having me! If you love fantasy romance, check out Mel’s Fire of Stars and Dragons series.

TeenReads had a brief blurb on my literary crush. It was awesome to be featured with some of my fellow authors, and my name was above Melissa de la Cruz’s! So thrilling – love her Witches of East End series.

I also found out I’ll be participating in Romance Blogfest 2015 with a ton of other really great authors – exciting!

And as a special treat, in honour of the romantic month that is February, Kissing Frogs is available on iTunes in Canada for just $0.99 from now until Feb 20th! It’s also available for all my lovely American peeps for $0.99 on, so make sure to snap up your copy if you haven’t already.

Whew. That wasn’t so hard. It only took a month to do ;(



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