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Asp_NEWProof2Today I’m thrilled to host Bethany Myers, author of the upcoming Asp of Ascension – a fun and fascinating mystery that’s been quoted as “Veronica Mars meets Indiana Jones.” AOA features a strong female friendship, something that – as ladies (and gents) everywhere know – is crucial to a happy and fulfilling life. Here’s what Bethany has to say about gal pals…

As much as I love a good romance, the best friend relationship is just as essential to any good story. In my new YA mystery, Asp of Ascension, the main character has her own love interest, but more importantly she finds a true best friend by the end of the book.

Here are the Top 10 Reasons Why Every Girl Needs a Trusty Sidekick.

1. She’ll Let You Ugly Cry
Broken bone or a broken heart? Doesn’t matter, your bestie is there when you need her with Kleenex and ice cream. She’ll be your rock and (if necessary) help you plan an act of revenge or at least a construct a pretend plan to lighten your spirits.

2. She Won’t Criticize
…Unless of course you need her to voice a strong and colorfully worded negative description of the enemy who has done you wrong. Some friends will tell you to let it go and just forget about it, but a true friend grabs the baseball bat and says, “Where does he live?”

images-13. She Will Always Show Up
A best friend will never stand you up or (and this is the worst) drop your plans to be with a guy.

4. She Understands Your Quirks
It’s so nice to be with someone who gets why you like to dip your French fries in chocolate sauce. And she always lets you have the seat that faces the door to the restaurant because you she knows you need to see who is coming and going.

5. She’s Free Therapy
Even if it’s only to say, “I’m sorry you’re hurting.” Sharing your problems with someone you trust is as therapeutic as any advice you’d get from a professional. Plus, someone who loves and cares for you will always have your best interest at heart.

Unknown6. She Is Your Cheerleader
Your best friend never underestimates the power of getting a little support or encouragement at the time when you need it the most.

7. She’s Your Person
When you need to hide a body or um …a burnt casserole, you know the one person that will always say yes.

8. She Shares Her Stuff With You
Jewelry, make-up, jeans, junk food, dating tips, books … the list goes on. We learn early in life that sharing means caring.

9. You Complement Each Other
She’s outgoing, but you’re more of a wallflower. You can think up a comeback in record time, but she always gets flustered. Best friends are often each other’s strengths and weakness. They hold each other up and step in when the other needs help.

10. She Calls You Out
This is the toughest, but most crucial aspect of the best friend. She loves you so much she’s unwilling to let you make stupid mistakes. Just ask Neville Longbottom, he earned ten points for Gryffindor because he tried to stop Harry and Ron from sneaking out of the common room. As Dumbledore said, “It takes a great deal of courage to stand up to your enemies, but a great deal more to stand up to your friends.”


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