Just Write Already


So this website has been a long time in the making. After telling my husband that I wanted to blog, he bought my domain name a while back and I’ve spent the last four years deciding on a WordPress theme. Which I’ve changed approximately 12 times. Seriously. Of course I know this has been my way of procrastinating, being scared to actually blog. What would I say? Who would want to read it? But I’m happy to report that I’m finally over my stage fright and getting down to business.

It’s a lot like writing your book. We have plans. We have schemes. We have grand plots, quirky characters and beautiful settings to get down on paper. But getting these things actually down on paper (or screen) is pretty tough. You need to have discipline and you need to believe in yourself, believe that you are a writer. For the longest time I wouldn’t call myself a writer. Then I realized I didn’t need anyone’s permission to do so. That was very empowering. So if you are a writer, call yourself one.

And make sure to write already.

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