The Inspiration behind Kissing Frogs


As a lead-up to the November 18th launch of KISSING FROGS we’re releasing a few short videos as a fun way to introduce the book. The first one below gives a brief intro to what the book is all about and what inspired me to write it.

Also ongoing is a special pre-order campaign where you can buy the book in advance for a 20% discount, as well as some other cool merchandise from the publisher (like the ring from the book)! So get your order in and save cash. Who doesn’t like saving money? Or cool swag?

Stay tuned for the next videos, an author Q&A where I answer questions sourced from fans (thanks mom! 😉 ), as well as “5 Ways To Tell if He’s (or she) is a Toad…”

A special thank-you to Pierre Louis Beranek for contributing his mad skills. If you live in Toronto and ever need an amazing videographer to capture that special moment, he’s your man! (Though he just left to bike through Brazil for six months – have fun Pierre Louis!).



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