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Sesha must race to find a priceless scroll before time runs out.

After a brutal fire takes their parents’ lives, Sesha and Ky, children of the pharaoh’s royal physician, are left charming snakes and stealing food to survive. Unsure of who to trust, the pair are found and brought back to the palace, where the pharaoh tasks Sesha with finding a rare medical document her father was transcribing. But are the royals hiding something?

Befriended by a fellow scribe and a young princess, Sesha navigates palace intrigue and temple treachery while urgently seeking the valuable papyrus. For the scroll doesn’t just have the power to keep the pharaoh’s army alive and reveal the secrets around her parents’ death — it may be the only thing that can save Ky’s life.

A satisfying adventure for Ancient Egypt’s many fans – Kirkus Reviews

Will delight middle grade readers with its history, its setting and, most of all, its gripping adventure and mystery – CanLit for Little Canadians

A good story, strong characters, and plenty of action, as well as very interesting background. I can hardly do better for an assessment than to quote my granddaughter with whom I shared the book. She said, “Gran, it’s AMAZING!” and “I am serious here. It is one of the ONLY books about ancient Egypt or Rome or wherever that does not have A SINGLE mistake in it about the myths.” – CM Magazine

Ancient Egyptian healer and scribe Sesha is ready for another role: spy.

Be sure to read Sesha’s first adventure, The Lost Scroll of the Physician.

Forced to flee Thebes or face death, Sesha and her friends, Paser and Reb, travel up the Nile and into the desert in search of a hidden oasis. Led by a freed spy, they plan to rescue Pharaoh’s daughter Princess Merat, given to a Hyksos chieftain against her will. Before they can get there, though, they have to battle lurking crocodiles, endless dunes, and blinding sandstorms.

When the group finally straggles into the Hyksos camp, they find the rebels preparing for combat. But as Sesha and her friends spend time with the rival tribe, the lines in the sand begin to blur. When she takes on a dangerous secret mission and learns about a prophecy that could change the course of history, Sesha has to decide where her future — and the real danger — lies.

A richly detailed, immersive read. – Kirkus Reviews

Picking up right after The Scroll of the Lost Physician ends, this middle grade ancient historical by Alisha Sevigny will satisfy readers already charmed by the feisty Sesha as she navigates the mystery and dangers of ancient Egypt. Complete with lush descriptions that firmly plant the reader in the exotic desert setting, and the array of multifaceted characters, THE DESERT PRINCE is a tightly woven action adventure. The short chapters and perfectly placed cliff hangers make this a slick and enjoyable escape. Readers will be clamouring for the next book.  – B.R. Myers, author of ROGUE PRINCESS