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I’m excited to announce the book tour for SUMMER CONSTELLATIONS, which will be taking place over the next two weeks. KCP Loft will be partnering with Rock Star Book Tours to feature author interviews, guest posts and sneak-peak excerpts in advance of the book’s May 1st release date. Join in the fun for the chance to win great prizes and take part in exciting giveaways!

April 23 – Bookhounds – Author Interview  & Giveaway ALISHA SEVIGNY has wonderful words! SUMMER CONSTELLATIONS Ends 5.7

April 24 – Jessica’s Reading Room – Review 
“If Summer Constellations  had been published when I was a teenager, it would have most likely been one of my favorite books! It is a perfect summer read for a teen girl… I am not the target demographic for this novel, but I still enjoyed it! If you have a teen daughter, let her read this novel.”

April 24th – Review & Giveaway from UK site Books and Ladders!
“Overall, this is a great novel. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a good beach read and summer romance novel.”

April 25th – This is One for The Books – Review
“The imagery was so well written that I felt like I was sitting on the dock at the cottage—meanwhile it was probably close to -20 degrees Celsius and snowing outside…its target audience is 14-18; however, it can definitely be enjoyable for someone older than that.”

April 26th – The Candid Cover – Review 
“Summer Constellations tells the story of a headstrong girl fighting to save her family’s campsite while also falling for its potential buyer’s son. I always love summery reads, but I don’t think I’ve ever read a book in which the main character owns a campsite. This book is light yet serious, and it contains a strong bond between siblings bound to make you smile.”

April 27th – Here’s to Happy Endings – Review & Giveaway
“This is such a beautiful and emotional novel, from the inside out… I loved it from the very beginning.  The emotional story that the author has created, with both plenty of focus on the family and yet a summer love interest, really tugs at the heart.  This is the perfect book to enjoy for the summer, whether you are reading it at the lake or beach or curled up on a porch swing with a glass of iced tea on a warm summer night.”

April 29th – Hello Jenny Reviews Review & Author Interview
“This book is such an amazing story. It definitely isn’t your every day summer contemporary.. this is the perfect book to read when you are looking for a summer read with more depth… This book really took me by surprise. I am not HUGE into contemporaries. They all seem like a regurgitation of a previous contemporary with some name changes. But not this book. I found the authors writing to be a breath of fresh air and the story, while ordinary, was still extraordinary. If you are building a Summer reading list then please make sure this book is on it!”

April 30th – Wonder Struck Synopsis and Giveaway

May 1st – Novel Novice – Author Interview and Giveaway

5/2/2018- laura’s bookish corner – Review and Giveaway

5/3/2018- Simply Daniel Radcliffe – Review and Giveaway

5/4/2018- Pretty Little Library – Review, Excerpt and Giveaway


Sevigny’s (Kissing Frogs, 2014) portrayal of the emotional and financial struggles that can accompany illness in America ring true. Julia is a brave, independent, and competent female character who shows that you don’t need to be a femme fatale to be lovable. A pleasant coming-of-age story for fans of teen romance.
– Kirkus Reviews

This is a fast-paced, humorous and romantic story, with realistic dialogue and a cast of interesting and relatable characters. The relationship dynamics between Nick and Julia are immensely readable, but teens will also be driven to keep reading to discover what happens to Julia and her family’s campground. VERDICT Recommended for collections serving teens, especially where romance is in demand.
– School Library Journal

Readers will enjoy Julia’s droll narration and appreciate her tough situation and conflicted feelings for Nick. Sure, the story evolves into a fairy-tale romance with a miraculous resolution, but who wouldn’t want to daydream about a perfect prince showing up to help save the day?
– Booklist

I devoured this story in one sitting. I couldn’t put it down and found myself captivated by the romance sparking between Nick and Julia. There’s so much bad in their past that it helps them to bond and it’s also very real to others who have dealt with relatives dying or the impending loss of a home. The ending is one of the best I’ve read in a while and I loved how everything came together.
– YA Bookshelf

A coming of age tale with an environmental angle, Summer Constellations, sparkles with humour and sizzles with a dreamy romance, hitting all the right notes, leaving the reader satisfied. An excellent choice for those who enjoy a smart summer romance layered with varied and well developed characters who are as natural and refreshing as a summer breeze off the lake.”
– BR Myers

If you have never been so far into the wilderness that there was no light pollution at all, you are missing out on an incredible experience. Those of us who have been there, will recognize the author’s authenticity. It is impossible to fake a proper description of the vastness of the summer sky at night if you’ve never seen it with your own eyes.  This setting is the perfect place for romance to bloom… This is a feel good tale about overcoming adversity when the odds are stacked against you, with a side of young love that will have teen readers sighing with anticipation and older readers looking back at that time in their lives with nostalgia.
– Amie’s Book Reviews



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